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Google maps is one of the most opportune features on any cell phone. When people are in a new place or are simply looking for a nearby business, Google Maps is the place they go. Google maps provides the user with the power to search for all types of businesses and see the highest results that are in close proximity. What that means is countless individuals are deciding where to go based on the outcome in their google map search. The chance to connect with customers through Google Maps is feasible and foward-looking.
Let’s say that you had never been to Sugar Land, TX before and you were looking for a sandwich shop that was in the area you were staying. A simple way that you could find one would be by putting a search for “sandwich shops near me” into google maps. Though you may be unaware, there are particular algorithms that direct what Google maps shows at the top of the results for you. That is where our skilled team of marketers comes in to ensure that when people are searching for businesses like yours, they find it right near the top. It is a critical piece to the present-day market, and you will very likely be amazed by how much business you are currently bypassing without a Google Maps approach.

Our approach

Insight. Creativity. Technology.

If you have the correct training and skills to know what Google needs in order to recognize your website or map listing, everything works to your benefit.


It's crucial to have a plan to help publicize your business and online presence.


We build Google my Business (GMBs) with search engine optimization in mind. Think outside of the box.


All of our ideas have been tested and are proven to be recognized by Google's algorithms.

Lodestar SEO did a wonderful job with our new website. Each phase of the process was handled quickly and professionally. I really appreciate the integrity that they have and the ownership they take in each project.
John M.
Business Owner

How Marketing Through Google Maps Will Increase Your Sales

Are you looking for a chance to change the way your Katy, TX business finds new qualified sales opportunities? It may already be your focal point to see how you can use all of the advantages of the internet to guarantee that people are finding and using your business. If that is the case, then Katy Marketing can supply you with real knowledge to fulfill all of your intentions of bringing in new business. One of the really fresh and unique ways that we have been able to do that with our clients is by promoting their appearance on Google Maps.
Be aware, there are some intersects from Google to Google maps, but generally there are some particular things that need to be done to make the Google Maps algorithm work for your benefit. However, with the knowledge that our marketers put forward, we can ensure that when people are searching for businesses like yours through their Google maps they will be able to find you easily.
You might wonder how this improves sales. It really is as straightforward as going where the people are. People are using Google Maps to search for where to find a plumber, buy groceries, get a hair cut, and so much more. Ensuring that your business is effortlessly noticed and a top result on Google Maps, you will steer more people to your business and your sales will be flourishing.

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